My Flock

I’ve mentioned being a crazy chicken lady, and I recently changed my biographical information to say that I have birds, not just chickens. That’s because we recently purchased our dream home in the mountains. Let’s be clear when I say dream home… it’s the bare bones of the dream, with a lot of potential. A mansion in our minds, and we have a ways to go to get there. But it’s there, and I hope you’ll join us on the journey. The previous owners of the house had geese, ducks, and chickens. Because they couldn’t take their birds with them when they moved, they asked us if we’d mind keeping the birds. Of course I said yes. I did ask them to re-home the geese, because the geese are mean, but they didn’t, so we also kept the geese. I meant to find a new home for them, but they’re kind of growing on me. So we’ll see how long the geese last.

Photo: Three chickens

When we first began our chicken adventure, we had chickens in the backyard of our suburban home. At the time, it was illegal to keep backyard chickens in our area, so I worked with others to get the laws changed, and then we got our chicks. We started with four- Lacy, Nyssa, Gwendolyn, and Matilda. Unfortunately, Matilda ended up being a rooster and we had to give her away because roosters weren’t allowed. Which left us with our three little Peeps, as I called them, and they were my favorites. They came with us to the mountains, but sadly, a few weeks after we moved in, a mean old fox ate Gwennie and Lacy. I still miss those birds.

The new chickens are still getting to know us, but in the meantime, we ended up being gifted with some chickens and ducks from a friend who could no longer keep them, and we got a few more chicks to raise.  The current bird count stands at 22 chickens, 6 geese, and 5 ducks.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention two of our friends who also went to animal heaven. The toilet fish, mentioned in a number of previous bios and posts, ended up dying after living on top of our toilet for three years.

And then there is Grant. I’ve talked a lot about my dog in the past, and sadly, Grant went to doggie heaven shortly after our move. He lived a good life, and at just over 15 years old, it was a long one. I can’t tell you how much I miss that little guy. He was truly my best friend.

But in happy news, we have The Fluppies! We adopted two miniature schnauzers from a rescue organization, and you'll find we have many adventures with them. I feature them a lot on Instagram.You'll find them under the #fluppies tag.