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Danica PicWelcome to my corner of the web! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Danica Favorite, and I’m a writer and creativity coach. That’s a fancy way of saying that I love stories, and I love helping people figure out their own story. After all, story is what has been transforming our world for thousands of years. As human beings, we were created to create, and my goal is to help others unlock their own powerful creative abilities.

Each week, I’ll share some powerful tools and ideas gleaned from my own personal journey that will help yours. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and my newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.

And now, here are the juicy bits you probably want to know about me… well, okay, maybe you don’t completely want to know this stuff, but this is the kind of stuff when I’m looking at a person’s website that I like to read about. Some people might call that nosy, but I prefer to think of it as being a good writer who’s really curious about people.

My best friends growing up were books- I got to travel the world and experience all sorts of fun things from the comfort of my own room. Stuck in the sweltering summer heat without air conditioning? I could escape to Alaska with a book. For me, the coolest thing in the world was growing up and meeting the authors who brought me the stories I loved so much. Well, okay, I suppose I can’t fully own the grown up thing, but I’ve never been big on grown-ups.

I took the long route to success in publishing- what I mean by that is that it took me 12 years to sell my first book. Now, some people HAVE taken longer, so I don’t hold that record, but the great thing about taking the long route is that it’s given me a lot of insight about the journey. Not just in publishing, but in chasing after whatever it is that you dream of. The truth is, I spent a lot of years being a big fat chicken. Maybe that explains why I love my pet chickens so much.

You do know that I’m a crazy chicken lady, right? Well, now that the cat, er, chicken, is out of the bag, I should tell you about my chickens. Gwendolyn (Gwennie or Gwennie Poo Poo for short), the stupid one. Seriously, Gwennie is absolutely the stupidest living being I’ve ever encountered. For some reason, that makes her incredibly adorable, and I’ll admit that she’s my favorite chicken. She’s so stupid, someone has to love her. Then there’s Lacy, the fat one. People either usually think Gwennie is the prettiest one, or they think Lacy is the prettiest one. Personally, I think she looks fat and juicy, and if I didn’t love her so much, and could stomach the thought of eating my chickens, she’d be the first. Which leaves us with Nyssa, ringleader, and incredibly smart one. She regularly breaks into my house and steals the dog’s food. Whoever said chickens were dumb clearly never met Nyssa. I do blog about my chickens occasionally, mostly because I’m past the stage of having babies, and well, they’re just so darn cute. So if chickens aren’t your thing, I promise, I talk about other things sometimes.

And because I think I’m supposed to tell you about the other stuff… like the boring stuff people Google you to find out, I live in Colorado with my husband and children. In addition to the chickens, we have a dog and a toilet fish. The toilet fish is a fish that lives on top of the toilet. I don’t remember its name, but don’t tell my daughter that, because then she’ll cry that I don’t love the fish. Out of all the residents of my home, the dog is my favorite. Everyone, including the husband and children, knows this. Seriously. Ask them. They’ll tell you who I love best.

Other important facts about me:

  • The saddest day of my life was when the doctor told me I can’t have chocolate or dairy anymore. So don’t send me chocolate. It’ll make me cry.
  • I only read books or watch movies that have happy endings. And when I say happy endings, I mean, “they all lived happily ever after, except the bad guys who went to jail or died really horrible deaths.” Yes, I’m still working on the grace thing. God isn’t even close to being finished with me yet. But seriously. Don’t ask me to watch or read something sad. I am literally forbidden to read or watch sad things by my husband. Since that’s the only thing he really says “I forbid you” on, I’m good with obeying.
  • I tell it like it is, but my intent is never malicious. My friend, John Olson, calls me “delightfully unfiltered.” I love that description, but sometimes I know I say things that come out a little more strongly than I intended. Don’t take it personally. The good news is that you can always count on what I say to come from my heart and be 100% free of b.s.
  • I don’t have a lot of favorite anythings- don’t ask me what my favorite movie, book, food, song, band, whatever, is… I don’t have one. Or, if I tell you one, it will probably be different the next time you ask.
  • I like tea. A lot. I used to say that I’m not much of a tea snob and that I’ll drink anything, but I had some really nasty stuff once at a hotel. So I’m a little pickier now, but mostly, I just like tea. So anytime you want to grab a cuppa, I’m your girl.
  • I like to travel and experience new foods and new places. I’ve been to some cool places in the world, and I would love to see more. If you want me to come speak or visit or have a cup of tea in your neck of the woods, I’m open to talking about it.
So that’s me in a nutshell… well, at least in a little over a thousand words. I think I broke a rule or something with that, but this is my website, so I’m going to break a rule or two or three. If you have other questions about me, I’m happy to answer them. Just drop me a line.