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Journey to Forgiveness

The one place she wants to avoid is the home she needs to save...

Josie Shepherd never expected to inherit her estranged father’s horse stables—not after fifteen years of painful silence. But keeping the failing business is the only way to protect her hometown from developers, even if it means partnering with Brady King—the man who once broke her heart. Saving the property won't be easy…but could forgiveness be the key to reopening their hearts?

Danica Favorite, author


It’s easy to find yourself isolated in today’s world, but when you pick up one of my books, you’ll find people who have struggles, just like you. Maybe it’s not the exact same, but I hope you’ll see a glimmer of familiarity in the hearts and lives you encounter in my stories.

Everyone deserves to be loved, whether that’s in a romantic setting, or finding the deep acceptance of God. You are worthy. You belong. And I hope you find a safe place to realize that in my books.

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