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Are you a romantic at heart?

Do you enjoy all the beauty and joy that comes with true love? Sure, I know that life isn’t all about happy endings. And I also know that getting to the happy ending takes a lot of hard work, and it’s often where the hardest work of all begins. But I also believe that it’s worth it.

And in the end, I believe that to choose love is to choose to live the greatest adventure of all.

So journey with me… Tell me your story. Let’s live the adventure and see the incredible places it takes us.

About Me

A dedicated professional in the publishing world, Danica Favorite works as a social media coordinator for a major publisher where she connects readers and writers with new fiction releases. With four active kids, two dogs, three cats, and more ducks, chickens and geese than she count, Danica’s never short of inspiration when it comes to writing characters for her latest book. She and her family are building their dream home in the mountains above Denver, Colorado. 

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