Coming July 2023

A Cowboy for the Summer

A city boy with a plan is in for the ride of his life...

Isaac Johnston will do anything to get his counseling degree, even a summer camp internship with two things he dislikes—Abigail Shepherd and horses.

As Abigail helps him overcome his horse phobia, Isaac becomes drawn to his former nemesis. But Abigail thinks a relationship with a man several years her junior is out of the question. Can they face their insecurities together…and find that love is worth the risk?

Danica Favorite, author


It’s easy to find yourself isolated in today’s world, but when you pick up one of my books, you’ll find people who have struggles, just like you. Maybe it’s not the exact same, but I hope you’ll see a glimmer of familiarity in the hearts and lives you encounter in my stories.

Everyone deserves to be loved, whether that’s in a romantic setting, or finding the deep acceptance of God. You are worthy. You belong. And I hope you find a safe place to realize that in my books.

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