Research on Leadville, Colorado

I love Leadville, Colorado. My husband’s family comes from Leadville, and I’ve spent most of our marriage hearing stories about the Leadville relatives. We spend a lot of time in Leadville, thanks to cousins who freely give us use of their late mother’s home. Much of the information in my books is based on the information I’ve learned over the years going to all the Leadville museums (and they have so many!), reading books about Leadville, and exploring every nook and cranny in the area that I can get access to. And, of course, I make a lot of stuff up. The people of the past are so real to me that I change a lot of names and combine different people because I don’t want to tell a real person’s story wrong. Here you’ll find a lot of my favorite Leadville research, including a trip to my husband’s family’s section of the cemetery.

Leadville Inspiration - Part One

Leadville Inspiration - Part Two

Leadville Cemetery

“She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.”

– Annie Dillard