The Sound of Romance

The Sound of Romance

His teenage crush on Allie ruined her high school experience. Now that Cole is back in Arcadia Valley, will their reunion spell doom or salvation this time around?
Allie Bigby knows she’s the family joke. But she’s got big plans for her life and hopes that when her lavender business finally takes off, she’ll achieve not only her dreams but gain some respect for herself. However, with the return of her high school nemesis, Cole Anderson, she’s finding it easier said than done. Especially because, just like in high school, Cole keeps ruining everything!

Cole Anderson has been in love with Allie since elementary school. Until now, he had no idea he made her life so miserable. He’ll do anything to make it up to her, except she’s made it clear she doesn’t want his help. Honorably discharged from the military after a career-ending injury, he’s home only long enough to figure out what to do with the rest of his life now that his dream job is lost to him.

However, when tragedy strikes Allie’s lavender operation, Cole just might be the person to save it. If he’s willing to do the one thing he always promised himself he’d never do. Can Allie bury the hatchet long enough to realize that there’s more to Cole than she once thought- and just maybe, fall in love?

If you love Christian romance series that focus on relatable characters, strong families, and abiding faith — clean, wholesome, sweet, and inspirational romances — you’ll love Danica Favorite's Legacy of the Heart series.

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About the Book
Series: Legacy of the Heart, Book 3
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Inspirational Romance
Publication Year: 2017
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