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I talk a lot about creativity, and I believe very strongly in the idea that we as humans are creative beings. God's first recorded act was creation, and we're made in God's image.

A lot of people immediately say, "but I'm not very creative!" I would beg to differ. We're all creative, but we use it in different ways. Some people are creative in how they change recipes to make them spectacular. Other people are creative in how they plant their gardens. Still others solve problems, program software, or find cures for disease. We tend to think of creativity as a skill gifted to people like writers or artists, but the truth is, we are all creative!

I believe that our creativity is a precious gift from God, and when we use that gift, we are getting in touch with that part of us that is so closely related to God. For me, it is a wonderful place where I can connect with God, connect with myself, and do some really great things. My desire is to share that passion with others and to give them the ability to touch those creative places within and do whatever wonderful things that may lurk in their imagination.

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