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Unleash Your Creative Spirit Classes

Do you feel stuck?

Once upon a time, you dreamed big dreams. There were so many things in life you wanted to do, be, and have. But as life happened, you let some of those dreams slip away. Deep inside, however, there is still a yearning for something more in your life.

I can help.

I used to be just like you.

I had a pretty good life, nothing to complain about, and more blessings than I could count. Yet deep inside, I had a yearning for something more. Even as I reached a lifelong dream of becoming a published author, I knew there was something more I was meant to do with my life. I began art journaling, and I realized that there were still so many more dreams I wanted to achieve. I learned that I had deep wounds, preventing me from moving forward and claiming all that I could do and be. More importantly, I found healing for those wounds and opened myself up to all the possibilities that life held for me.

I began to live my dreams… and so can you!

You might say, “I’m not creative, or I’m not good at art.” And that’s okay. The beauty of this process is that it meets you where you are, without judgment or condemnation. There’s no need for perfection or worries about being good enough. Together, in my 5 week program, we’re going to unleash your creative spirit and empower you to follow the dreams buried deep inside you.

Unleash Your Creative Spirit Online Course!

Here’s what you can expect:

Week One: Begin.
The first step is always the hardest step, and we will begin to uncover the voices that have been telling us no all these years so that we can move forward without guilt, fear, or shame.

Week Two: Identity
Who are you? Who do you want to be? Who is deep inside you, trying to come out?

Week Three: Dream
What are the dreams buried inside you? What are the possibilities your life holds?

Week Four: Believe
The biggest thing holding you back is your lack of belief. In yourself, in your dreams, in your possibilities. We’re going to uncover the lies holding us back so we can be free to move forward.

Week Five: Walk.
All of this uncovering of identity, dreams, and belief means nothing if we don’t act on those dreams. We’re going to create an action plan to get you moving and not just dreaming.

Sound good? 

Sign up, and you’ll receive weekly guidebooks and videos. The total value of this program is over $600, but I’m offering it for $197 as an introductory rate.

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