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Danica's Short Stories

Short Story, "Cutting the Cord" published in Chicken Soup for the Sou:l the Joy of Less

A short story, "The Potato Salad Promise," published in A Recipe for Romance: A Collection of 22 Inspirational Stories and Recipes

Barnes and Noble

Short story, “A direction I never imagined,” published in the Guideposts book Refreshed by the Spirit (True Stories of Extraordinary Answers to Prayer)

Legacy of the Heart NovellaAn antique locket with the power to inspire everlasting love unites the five stories in this stunning collection of historical and contemporary inspirational romance novellas!

In Heritage of Love, Danica Favorite takes us to the Chicago world’s fair, where a chance encounter will spark an opportunity for true love, if only the young couple can first overcome polite society’s rigid rules . . .

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