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Leadville historical romance series

This series was inspired by an article I read in a newspaper from 1880's Leadville advertising a debate between two pastors. The topic: whether or not miners were beyond salvation. Back then, many Christians believed that certain classes of people, as well as certain ethnicities, were so much lower in terms of their humanity that they were not capable of being saved. This idea fascinated me, because I believe very much that Jesus came for the least of all us. I believe that we are all created equal in the eyes of God. And so, the ministry of Pastor Frank Lassiter was born.

His ministry in Leadville is all about helping those deemed worthless by society. As you journey through this series, you're going to meet a whole host of people- those admired by society, as well as those society turns up their noses at- all of whom are touched in some way by Leadville Community Church.

While Leadville is a real place, Pastor Lassiter and his church are not, nor are the main characters of any of my books. However, I'd like to think that there's a little of all of us in each of them. And no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you've done, God's love is absolutely available for you. God sees you, and your story, like the stories of my characters, matters to him.

Also, check out this page if you're interested in more information behind the real-life town of Leadville, Colorado, and how I came up with the series idea.

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