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Brides of Noelle

Rosalind: A Thanksgiving Day BrideWhat will justice cost them?

Wyatt “The Hawk” Hawkinson’s job overseeing the railroad spur to Noelle is supposed to bring him the redemption he craves- and the money to finally avenge his late wife’s death. But when sabotage brings the railroad crashing down, so, too, are Hawk’s dreams. Now he’s after a murderer and a saboteur, but the task has been made more difficult by the interference of a certain young lady who distracts him from everything he holds dear.

Rosalind Creary needs to see her father’s murderer brought to justice, not just for peace of mind, but also so people will stop blaming her family for the railroad’s problems. She seeks to build a new life for her and her family in Noelle, but without justice, they can’t move forward.

Hawk is supposed to be helping the Crearys, but are the demons of his past preventing him from doing his job effectively? Can she trust him, or is she blinded by her growing attraction to him? Is Hawk willing to let go of his grief over his late wife to see the possibility of a new love and a new future, or will his quest for vengeance lead him straight to the hangman’s noose?

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Jane: A Christmas Day Bride

Jane Creary wants to resume a normal life for her family after being immersed in the railroad scandal that delayed the train’s arrival to Noelle. Christmas is coming, and her mother is dying, so Jane is determined to fill this last Christmas with as many good memories as she can.

Romeo Johnson is a gifted stained-glass artist whose parents believe his skill is a waste of his family’s academic heritage. Exiled to Noelle to be taught a lesson in humility, he’s doing his best to help his cousin, who blames the Crearys for the railroad’s delay.
When Jane asks Romeo to make a stained-glass window to brighten her mother’s final days, he is forbidden by his family from helping her. In this twist on the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, will Romeo’s gift to Jane finally bring the town of Noelle together, or will their sacrifices tear them all further apart? 

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